Fix Uus.dll Module Could Not Be Found Error Message

What is uus.dll?

Uus.dll is a dll file, which is part of the Paretologic Data recovery program designed by Paretologic Inc. This is not a part of any spyware or malware, but a genuine file which helps in updating the tasks of the recovery software.

What are the errors generated by uus.dll?

The error shown by the Paretologic file uus.dll is a RunDLL error. It is displayed as soon as the system is started after the uninstallation.

Error loading C:\Program Files\Common Files\ParetoLogic\UUS2\UUS.DLL
The specified module could not be found.

What are the Operating Systems affected by the uus.dll error?

The Paretologic Data recovery software is designed for 32-bit Windows systems only, and the OS it runs on are all versions of the following Windows versions:

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista

Windows 7 is supported, but not completely tested.

How to remove the uus.dll error from the system

Paretologic recovery helps in taking a backup of the system settings and emails on a regular basis. The uus.dll file is part of the Paretologic updater service which helps in scheduling and updating the system as per the recovery requirements. The error starts popping up when the Paretologic recovery software is uninstalled and the system is restarted. This is when the updater service runs and displays the error. To stop this error, follow these steps:

You first have to stop the process running in the background:

  1. Click OK on the error to go to the desktop
  2. Right click on the Taskbar and choose Task Manager
  3. Choose any processes related to Paretologic under the Processes tab
  4. Right click on them and click on End Process Tree
  5. Now, close the Task Manager

Follow the steps below based on the OS to stop the error:

For Windows XP

  1. Click on Start and then go to All Programs
  2. Go to System Tools and choose Scheduled Tasks
  3. From the lists of tasks, look for Pareto Update or ParetoLogic Registration and delete these tasks
  4. Now close all the windows and restart the system

For Windows Vista

  1. Click on Start and choose All Programs
  2. Go to System Tools and Choose Task Scheduler
  3. Click on Active Tasks
  4. From the lists of tasks, double click on the tasks related to Pareto Update or Paretologic Registration
  5. Choose Delete in the Actions Menu under the selected item category.
  6. Now close all the windows and restart the system

This should completely solve the issue with the uus.dll error. You can also use the Perfect Uninstaller software which helps not only to uninstall the Paretologic data recovery software, but also helps in removing all the files in various locations in the Windows OS.

You can also use a good registry cleaner to remove all the orphaned entries of Paretologic software that can create a problem in the functioning of the system.