Fix Oleaut32.dll Error In Windows 98

What is oleaut32.dll?

Oleaut32.dll (OLE Automation) is a 32-bit dll file belonging to Microsoft OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) DLL program. The main function of this file is to provide OLE support to various applications.

Is it safe to remove the oleaut32.dll file?

No, do not remove the oleaut32.dll file. If you remove the oleaut32.dll file, various applications that require it will not work properly or may stop working.

Oleaut32.dll errors

Error 1

When you start your Windows 98 computer, you may receive an error message, similar to the one displayed below:

“Error Starting Program. The OLEAUT32.DLL file cannot start. Check the file to determine the problem”

Cause of the Error

This oleaut32.dll error usually occurs when the dll file is either corrupt or is missing from your computer.

Resolution Steps

To resolve this oleaut32.dll error, first rename the corrupt oleaut32.dll file present in your system folder and then procure a fresh copy of oleaut32.dll file.

To rename oleaut32.dll, perform the following steps:

  1. Double-click My Computer icon on your desktop.
  2. Browse to your System folder (By default, for Windows 98, it is C:\Windows\System).
  3. Locate the oleaut32.dll file.
  4. Next, right-click oleaut32.dll, select Rename, and rename the file to oleaut32.old.dll file

After you have renamed the oleaut32.dll file, insert your Windows CD in its drive and extract the oleaut32.dll file from it.

Alternatively, you may download a copy of the oleaut32.dll file from a reliable, online DLL directory and save the file in your System folder. When downloading the oleaut32.dll file from a DLL Directory, remember to select the version of the oleaut32.dll file that is compatible with your operating system.

Error 2

When you run a program, you may receive the following error message:

“The Program.Exe is linked to the missing export oleaut32.dll: VarNot”

Cause of the Error

This error occurs when the program you are trying to run requires a more current OLE Automation version.

Resolution Method

To fix this error, either download the DCOM service pack from Microsoft or download the latest version of Internet Explorer for your Windows operating system.

Error 3

When you start an application, you may receive the following error message:

“The file OLEAUT32.DLL is out of date. This program requires a newer version”

Cause of the Error

This oleaut32.dll error occurs when another application replaces the oleaut32.dll file with an older version.


To fix the oleaut32.dll error in this case, uninstall and reinstall the application with which you are receiving the oleaut32.dll error. When you reinstall the application, the version of the oleaut32.dll file that the application requires to function automatically gets installed in your System folder.

You may also encounter recurring oleaut32.dll errors if your PC is infected with malware. Malware programs, such as viruses, trojans, and worms corrupt your DLL files, such as the oleaut32.dll file by injecting invalid codes into them. As a result, an oleaut32.dll error occurs every time an application tries to access the infected oleaut32.dll file. To fix oleaut32.dll errors occurring due to malware infection, scan your entire computer using robust and advanced security software, such as STOPzilla Antivirus and Spyware Cease.

Another major cause of oleaut32.dll errors is a corrupt or damaged registry. The registry stores reference points related to your application and system files. In case these entries get corrupt or are deleted, you receive a DLL error. To fix and prevent oleaut32.dll errors, regularly scan your registry using a top-rated registry cleaner, such as RegServe. RegServe is an advanced program that allows you to perform custom registry scans to identify and fix DLL errors.