Fix HP LaserJet Printer PCL XL Error

When you try to print a document or report using an HP Laserjet printer, an error message similar to the one given below may print out:

 PCL XL Error
* Subsystem: KERNEL
* Error: IllegalOperatorSequence
* Operator: SetColorSpace
* Position: 52

Cause of the Error

This error occurs due to a problem with the HP LaserJet PCL XL Driver.

Resolution Method

The following are some of the methods that you can use to workaround the problem and resolve the issue. After implementing each workaround, try to print your document again to see if the issue has been resolved.

Method 1: Directly Connect the Printer

Most commonly, LaserJet printers are accessed over a network. To workaround the issue, you may try to connect your PC directly to the printer using an IEEE-1284 compliant cable.

Method 2: Disable High Speed and Advanced Features

Use the Control Panel that exists on your LaserJet Printer to disable the High Speed and Advanced Functions. To do this, you need to perform the following tasks:

  1. Display the I/O MENU by pressing the MENU key in the printer display.
  2. Now, press the ITEM key until you see Parallel High Speed = Yes.
  3. Now, press the VALUE key to change the value of Parallel High Speed to No. (Parallel High Speed = No)
  4. Press the SELECT key and ensure that an asterisk is displayed next to the Parallel High Speed = No item. (Parallel High Speed = No*).
  5. Next, press the ITEM key again until you see Advanced Functions = On in the printer display.
  6. Now, press the VALUE key until the value changes to Advanced Functions = Off.
  7. Press the SELECT key and ensure that an asterisk is displayed next to the Advanced Functions = Off item. (Advanced Functions = Off*).

Method 3:  Update your Printer Driver

The PCL XL error may occur if one or more of the required driver files are missing from your computer or are outdated. In this case, you may visit the HP Website for the latest driver updates, download them, and update the existing driver files.

Method 4: Use another Printer driver

If the problems with the PCL 6 driver continue to occur, remove it from your system. After removing, install the PCL5 printer driver that is shipped with your HP LaserJet Family Printer. If this driver is not available, use the latest preinstalled driver that is available on your Windows computer.

Note: You may use a good registry cleaner, such as RegServe to clean your registry and ensure that the uninstalled driver does not leave behind any orphaned registry entries.

Method 5: Remove additional memory chips

If you have added any memory chips on your LaserJet printer, try to remove these additional chips to see if that solves the problem.