Fix Comctl32.dll Access Violation Error in Windows XP

Comctl32.dll, also known as Common Controls Library contains common Graphical User Interface components that are used by Windows applications.

Comctl32.dll errors in Windows XP

Error 1

An access violation error may occur in the comctl32.dll file when you work in a program that loads two different versions of the comctl32.dll file, version 5 and version 6. When the problem occurs, your program may stop responding.

Generally, when this happens, both Windows XP style and Windows Classic style windows appear in Windows XP.


To fix error comctl32.dll, download and install the KB884883 update for Windows XP.


To apply the KB884883 update from Microsoft, you must be either using Windows XP Service Pack 1 or Service Pack 2.

Note: Reboot your system after installing the update.

Error 2

An access violation occurs in the comctl32.dll file when you try to open a dialog box in a program running on a Windows XP computer.


This comctl32.dll access violation error occurs if the following conditions hold true:

  • Dialog box consists of a single tabbed page.
  • The width of the tabbed page is same or more than the dialog box with which you are receiving the error.


You can resolve the error either by updating your Windows XP system with the latest service pack or by downloading the hotfix intended to fix this issue from the Microsoft support website.

Note: The above hotfix applies to only this specific problem. Only apply the hotfix if you are experiencing this specific problem.

Comctl32.dll error in Windows 98

You may receive the following error when you start a program in Windows 98:

“Error starting program. The Comdlg32.dll file cannot start. Check the file to determine the problem.”


The above error occurs when another program replaces the windows file, Commctrl.dll with its own file.


To fix the this error, restart your computer, go to Command Prompt and copy the Commctrl.dll file from the Windows\Sysbckup folder to the Windows\System folder.

If you are unable to copy the file, check the attributes of the Commctrl.dll file. It is possible another program may have also changed the attributes of this file, due to which you may not be able to copy the file. If this is the case, undo the changes and then try to copy the file.

If the Commctrl.dll file in the Windows\Sysbckup folder is an incorrect version or is damaged, extract a new version of the file from your Windows installation CD. To fix the error, extract the Kommctrl.dll file from the file to the Windows\System folder and rename it to Commctrl.dll.

Can malware infection cause comct32.dll errors?

Yes, certainly. In fact, malware infection is often found to be the root cause of common DLL errors, such as the “comct32.dll not found” error. Malware, such as viruses and trojans are known to corrupt DLL files by altering the codes embedded in them.

To prevent comct32.dll errors due to malware infections, scan your entire system regularly, using reliable antimalware tools, such as STOPzilla Antivirus and Spyware Cease.

Also, maintain a healthy and compact registry to avoid common Windows errors from surfacing on your computer. To ensure good health of the Windows registry, schedule regular registry scans, using an advanced registry cleaning utility, such as RegServe to eliminate the unwanted and incorrect information from the registry.