Details of Advanced Registry Doctor

System Registry Problems

The registry is a hierarchal database that is a repository of each and every software, and hardware configuration on your Windows system. All actions that you perform on your PC are recorded in the registry. Everything from the files you access, the documents you open, the Web sites you browse, to the games you play, has a place in the registry.

Over time, a lot of unnecessary and obsolete information gets accumulated in the registry. Many times, malicious software such as viruses, Trojans, spyware, and ad-aware also add corrupt and invalid entries to the registry. This accumulation of unnecessary information and corrupt entries, leads to unwarranted registry growth that increase the number of system crashes and errors. Your system becomes unstable and one day it might even refuse to startup.

To get rid of all these problems, you need a registry doctor to scan your registry for problems, fix these problems, and make the registry healthy. Advanced Registry Doctor Professional is one such registry cleaner program that is a complete pro with what it does to your registry. It goes deep into the registry to scan for errors and helps you eradicate them. The software performs many other tasks that help you in improving system performance and enhance your computing experience. You can easily download the software from the Internet and test the trial version before paying for the full version.

Advanced Registry Doctor Professional: Benefits

Advanced Registry Doctor not only enables you to scan the registry and system for errors and junk information, but also helps you in looking for solutions. You can analyze the problems and correct them to make your PC error free. Here, we are discussing some of the important aspects of Advanced Registry Doctor.

Creates System Backup

The backup and registry restore tool included in Advanced Registry Doctor helps you create a backup of the registry before you start any maintenance activity on it. If you are planning to make any major changes to system configuration or to the registry, it would be a good idea to create a backup before proceeding. If anything goes wrong with your changes or you delete important registry values by mistake, then you can use the registry backup file to revert your PC back to the last known good configuration.

Scans and Repairs Errors

The automatic scan feature of Advanced Registry Doctor is so simple to use that even a layman with only basic computer literacy can use it. With just the click of a button, you can run a comprehensive scan on your registry. The software looks for problems related to invalid file association, ActiveX and COM objects, application paths, shared folders and DLLs, uninstall information, startup applications, and program shortcuts. Getting rid of all these problems enables you to rejuvenate your system and enhance your system’s performance considerably.

Defragments the Registry

Uncontrolled registry growth, due to an increase in the number of obsolete and vacant entries, causes fragmentation. This makes the registry unstable and, in turn, deteriorates system performance. Registry defrag included in Advanced Registry Doctor, defragments the registry, makes its contiguous, and re-indexes the registry files to increase data access rate. The defrag tool helps you prevent the registry from becoming a digital dump by making it linear and eliminating obsolete entries from it.

Restore Lost Shortcuts

Many times when you accidentally move software files such as DLLs, fonts, and shared folders, the affected applications and folders become inaccessible. Advanced Registry Doctor helps you re-establish the links and restore your applications and folders to normal working condition.

To keep your system in optimal working condition, it is very important for you to keep your system’s registry healthy. Advanced Registry Doctor is one the best registry cleaner tools available to help you easily maintain the health of your registry. Using the software, you can effortlessly scan the registry and system for errors, search and analyze solutions, and rectify the errors to revitalize your system back to its best performance.