Dealing with Runtime Error 217

Runtime error 217 may occur due to many different types of problems. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the common reasons that may cause the error to occur on your PC.

One or More DLL Files Fail to Register When You Install an Application

Incorrectly registered DLLs after a program install, are one of the most common causes of this runtime error. These problems may occur if:

  • The installation files of the program you are trying to install are faulty.
  • An error occurred during the program install that prevented the DLL files from registering correctly on the system.
  • The program installation process was abruptly stopped due to an unavoidable situation, such as power breakdown, system crash and so on.

Most of the time, you can fix runtime error 217 by reinstalling the application again. However, if your installation files are faulty, or the disk on which the files are saved is scratched or damaged, then you must first get a healthy version of the setup files before performing the installation.

An Obsolete Microsoft Msvcrt.Dll File Exists On The System

Msvcrt.dll file is a Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime library. Runtime error 217 may occur on your system if the Msvcrt.dll file on your system is outdated.

You can resolve this error by updating your system with the latest operating system updates and hotfixes available on the Microsoft website. You may also get a later version of the file from another PC with the same configuration as yours, or from the Internet and replace the outdated file that exits on your system.

Incorrect Regional Settings

Runtime error 217 is also known to occur if the date settings of your computer do not match the country settings. Therefore, if you have recently made any changes in your regional settings or have installed a software that relies on the regional settings of your PC, then to fix the error, you must recheck the regional settings and ensure that there are no conflicts.

Outdated MS DCOM File

Runtime error 217 may occur if the file MS DCOM on the system is outdated. If this is the cause, then you can fix the error, by updating your system or downloading an update for the MS DCOM file from the Microsoft site.

Missing Stdole32.Tlb

To fix the error caused due to a missing stdole32.tlb file, you can download the file from the Microsoft DLL library and place it in its folder on the system.

Virus Infections

Runtime errors can also occur due to virus infections that may add malicious codes to your program files, corrupt the boot sector of your PC, and add several malicious files and registry entries to the system. To prevent virus infections, you must install a reliable antivirus tool on your PC, and run regular full system scans to detect and remove any malicious information added by them. You must always keep the real-time protection of the antivirus tool turned on to prevent these malicious files from gaining access to your system in the first place.

Incorrect Registry Entries or a Damaged Registry

Many runtime errors, including error 217, are known to occur due to invalid entries in the registry. Therefore, you must regularly scan your registry for errors and unwanted information and remove them. You can easily repair and eliminate registry problems with the help of reliable registry tools such as RegServe.