Cli.exe – Common Errors and Solutions

What is Cli.exe?

Cli.exe is an executable file that is added to your system when you install software for the ATI graphic card. The file is installed along with Catalyst hardware drivers that are specific to the ATI graphic card. The cli executable process running on your system is a non-system process, meaning it originates from the software installed on your computer.

The application stores data related to specific software (which it relates to) in the system’s registry. The data stored by the application is prone to fragmentation, which can lead to several errors.  The file is stored in your C drive, and its location is C:/Program Files/ATI/. Since the file is related to the ATI graphic card, you can uninstall it if you are not using any ATI graphic cards on your system.

Is Cli.exe a Necessary Program?

If you have an ATI product installed on your system, then the file is extremely essential for the smooth functioning of the hardware and software programs that depend on it. The executable file works like an ATI command line interface along with the ATI Catalyst Control Center for your ATI graphic card. The interface is useful for setting up some of the programmable function keys.  The function keys are useful in computer settings that are required in different games. The application is also useful in rotated displays and dual displays. The interface is also used by graphic designers for calibrating the monitor.

The executable file is of great use to graphic designers and gamers who use ATI Catalyst Control Center programs to customize different displays and fine tune them. The file is also needed to execute the command function related to ATI graphic cards.

What are Common Cli.exe Errors?

Some of the common application errors related to this executable file are:

  • CLI.exe failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135)
  • CLI.exe generated an exception that could not be handled

Users sometimes get these errors while booting the system, and there are cases where they encounter a blue screen of death after the errors are displayed. You may perform the following tasks to deal with these issues:

  • Install Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.
  • Install an updated ATI graphic card driver
  • Scan your computer for virus infections

Can Cli.exe be a Virus, Spyware, or Malware?

There is a possibility that the executable file is infected or is some kind of malware residing on your system. The reason for this being possible is because malware can create files with the same or similar names to prevent detection from anti spyware tools. If you don’t have an ATI product installed on your system and you still have the cli executable file on your computer, then there is a high probability of the presence of a virus.

If the executable file is infected with a virus, it can be used by the spyware to steal private confidential data such as usernames, passwords, and even credit card information.

The cli.exe file is not needed for the normal functioning of your system and it is highly dangerous to leave the file installed on your system if you are not using any ATI product. Allowing the executable file to reside unnecessarily on your system can render you susceptible to malware and virus attacks. Users are advised to install all Windows updates and keep antivirus software updated to prevent any infection or security problems.