A Video Guide to Changing the Start Button Text

Would you like to put your personal stamp on your PC? No branding is necessary. You will need to edit your registry though. The procedure is a bit complicated so you should have basic computer knowledge before attempting this registry tweak.

You should create a back-up of your registry before you begin with this procedure. This will restore your registry to the previous settings in case issues crop up. You will also need Resource Hacker.

Resource Hacker will be used to modify the file explorer.exe. This is a binary file which requires a special editor. In this case, Resource Hacker.

Also note that this tweak is for Windows XP based computers only. The author of this video also warns that this tweak should not be done if you run Ad-Aware or if you do not have Windows XP SP2 installed.

He also adds that although there have been reports that Start can be changed to a word longer than five characters, but he has not yet tried this. Therefore, he cannot recommend doing so.

He also adds that if you are running the Classic interface, you will need to change string table 38 instead of 37.

Enjoy the video!