Bug Doctor Pro Review

Almost all types of businesses today are dependent on computers to help them in managing many important functions such as accounting, maintaining client records and managing inventories. Therefore, if a PC fails, it directly affects your business.

Prolonged and regular use of a PC opens it up to a large number of bugs. Most of these bugs are generated due to the accumulation of unwanted, invalid, and corrupt entries in the Windows registry. The registry is a hierarchal database that is used to maintain all configuration information related to hardware and software installed on the PC. Any activity you perform on your PC makes its way into the registry in the form of a new entry. Many times, even after your activity is complete, some entries stay put in the registry even if they are no longer required. This leads to unwarranted growth of the registry making it unstable. An unstable registry leads to an increase in bugs on your PC, which in turn, reduces your PC’s performance.

Today, many software programs are available for download on the Internet that you can use to keep the registry bug free. Bug Doctor Pro is one such software. Bug Doctor Pro is designed to scan and fix all hidden bugs and errors on your PC and the registry. Regular use of the software helps you in improving the overall performance of your PC by almost 300%.

Bug Doctor Pro Review

The autoscan feature of Bug Doctor Pro enables you to automatically scan the Window registry for all types of errors. The feature is so simple to use that even a novice PC user can use it to clean the Windows registry and keep it bug free.

After autoscan is complete, a detailed list of all registry errors is displayed. The manual cleanup feature enables you to repair individual bugs or all bugs and invalid entries of a certain category in one go.

The registry is very important for the functioning of your PC. If by mistake you delete some important information, entry, or key from the registry, it might leave your system unusable. Therefore, it is always a good idea to make a backup of the registry prior to making any changes or deleting any information from it. The Bug Doctor Pro software helps you here by including the backup and undo feature. This feature helps you make a backup of the registry before making any changes to it. In case something goes wrong, you can use this feature to undo the change.

In our busy schedules, we tend to forget to run regular registry scans on our PC. Many times we do not realize that something is wrong with our system until it is too late to do  anything about it. The scheduling feature of the Bug Doctor Pro software helps you in avoiding this problem. You can schedule registry scans from every 5 minutes to whatever period you prefer. You can also schedule a registry scan at system startup. The scheduling feature helps you ensure that your system’s registry is regularly scanned and is free of any unwanted information.

Statistics show that almost 90% of PCs are full of more than 150 corrupt, damaged, and potentially dangerous bugs at any given point in time. Bug Doctor Pro scans your PC and system registry for these bugs and removes them to enable you to have a bug free computer.