Benefits of Registry Toolkit

The Windows registry is the spinal cord of all Windows operating systems. A fragmented and damaged registry eventually leads to the downfall of a Windows system. During normal operation you never need to view the registry, but you may be forced to do so when things start going bad.

So, what actually goes wrong with the registry? To find the answer to this question, you first need to know what registry is. Simply said, the registry is a hierarchal database repository of hardware and system configuration information and user profile and preferences. The registry manages each and every activity that occurs on your Windows system. Every activity performed on your system—installing/uninstalling applications, accessing programs, browsing the Web, or typing a letter—needs to add to or access information from the registry. Over time, a lot of obsolete and unwanted information builds up in the registry. This makes the registry unstable and increases the number of errors and causes frequent system crashes.

Registry Toolkit

To keep your registry healthy and in its best working condition, you need to regularly scan it for errors and eliminate them. Manually, this process is quite tedious and risky. To make things simple, a large number of third-party registry cleaners are available. Registry Toolkit is a registry cleaner that makes it safe and easy to clean the registry and improve system performance. Discussed below are some of the major features of Registry Toolkit.

  • Registry Toolkit efficiently scans the registry for incorrect entries. The excellent detection algorithm used in the program ensures that each and every registry key is checked and only genuine errors are reported. The software also helps you in scanning and deleting broken program shortcuts from the hard disk.
  • The utility helps you repair all invalid entries on the system and prevent frequent system restarts and crashes. Registry toolkit helps you ensure that there are no corrupt entries in the registry and no unnecessary program shortcuts on your hard disk.
  • Registry Toolkit comes equipped with the Startup management feature that enables you to manage the programs that start automatically during the system startup. Over time, a large number of software programs are added to the startup list leading to deterioration in  system performance. Using the Startup Management feature, you can disable certain programs from loading during startup, thereby boosting system performance.
  • Browser Helper Object (BHO) is usually a third-party program, such as the Google toolbar, that loads every time you open your Internet Explorer. Many unwanted BHO programs get installed on your PC and may startup even if you are not using the Internet Explorer. Registry Toolkit’s BHO manager helps you uninstall unwanted BHO programs and ensure not only faster Internet access, but also better PC performance.
  • Malicious programs such as spyware and viruses may change the settings of your Internet Explorer thereby hampering your Internet activity. Using the Internet Explorer Backup/Restore feature, you can maintain a backup of your Internet settings and restore them in case of a problem.
  • The registry is a critical component of your Windows system. Keeping this is in mind, the Registry Toolkit is programmed to back up the registry prior to making any changes to it. The utility creates a system restore point and backs up all registry keys affected during the repair process. You can use this backup to restore the registry, if required.
  • The Add or Remove Programs utility included in Windows sometimes fails to uninstall certain programs, especially the ones that were not installed or uninstalled correctly. The Add or Remove feature of Registry Toolkit helps you scan your PC for such programs and remove them from the system.
  • Registry toolkit is updated regularly. The live update feature included in the utility automatically downloads these updates and installs them on your system.

Registry Toolkit helps you safely clean and repair your Windows registry. The utility uses an excellent detection algorithm that lists only genuine errors. Registry Toolkit is loaded with a number of other features such as Startup Manager, BHO Manager, Internet Explorer Backup/Restore, Registry backup and restore, and Add or Remove Programs feature that help you keep both the registry and your hard disk free of unnecessary clutter and keep your system at its best performance.