AOL Uninstall for Internet Explorer and Firefox

What Is The AOL Toolbar?

Toolbars are used to incorporate user-friendly functionalities, such as search fields, auto form filling capabilities, and globally accessible bookmarks, into your web browser. The AOL toolbar, as the name suggests, is the product of AOL and can be added to Internet Explorer and Firefox web browsers. In this article, we will discuss the issues due to which you may need to perform AOL uninstall and the steps you can follow to remove the toolbar.

Need to Perform AOL Uninstall?

The AOL toolbar is bundled with the 6.1 and 9.0 versions of AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). Therefore, if you are installing any of these AIM versions, and you fail to clear the option to install AOL toolbar, then the toolbar will be added to your web browser. Because of this action of the AOL toolbar, many consider it to be malware. And, you may want to uninstall it, if you have added it to your web browser by mistake.

You may also need to delete the AOL toolbar if it is consuming too much space on your PC, slowing down your web browser, or blocking programs that you need to use.

Last but not least, you may want to remove the AOL toolbar, if you don’t use it at all and it is just cluttering your web browser.

How to Remove AOL Toolbar from Internet Explorer

To delete AOL toolbar from Internet Explorer, perform the following steps:

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Click the Settings button that is located on the right of your AOL toolbar.
  3. Select Help, and then select Uninstall Toolbar.
  4. Restart the browser to complete the uninstallation process.

You can also uninstall the toolbar using the Add or Remove Programs utility included in your Windows systems. To use this utility, open the Start menu, and select Control Panel. Next, select the Add or Remove Programs option. From the Currently installed programs list, select AOL Toolbar 2.0 and then select Change/Remove. Follow the screen instructions to complete the uninstallation.

How to Remove AOL Toolbar from Firefox

The steps to remove AOL toolbar from Firefox are similar to the steps followed for Internet Explorer.

  1. Open Firefox browser.
  2. Click on the Settings button that is located on the right of your AOL toolbar.
  3. Select Uninstall Toolbar.
  4. Select OK on the confirmation windows.
  5. Finally, restart Firefox to implement the change.

You can also uninstall the AOL toolbar from Firefox, by using the Firefox Extension Manager. To do this, in the Firefox window, open the Tools menu, and then select the Extension menu command. In the Extensions Manager window, select the entry for the AOL toolbar and select Uninstall. Restart the browser to implement the change.

Clean Up the Registry After the Uninstall

Whenever you uninstall a program from your Windows system, it tends to leave behind some stray entries in the registry. These unwanted and obsolete entries increase the registry size at an uncontrollable rate and make it unstable. Therefore, it is a good idea to remove these unwanted entries from the registry after uninstalling a software. The best and easiest method to do this is by using a registry cleaner software. Registry cleaners, such as RegServe, use advanced algorithms to weed out all unnecessary information from the registry and enable you to maintain a healthy, compact, and error-free registry.

The AOL toolbar enables you to add user-friendly functionalities to your web browser. However, due to some issues with the toolbar, you may want to remove it from your web browser. To prevent any errors, follow the steps listed in the article to remove the toolbar from your system. Also, to maintain a healthy registry, run a registry scan after the uninstallation process to remove any left-over entries from the system.