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– Elizabeth (Website Visitor)
“Just want to say thanks for the help I found in your site, regarding an error 39 (i had error 40, but it did the trick)
(Macbook Pro DVD not working.)
Thank you and have a very nice day!!”

– Alberto (Website Visitor)
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I searched everywhere to get a solution for a spoolsv.exe problem I had with no joy. And then I found you and the description you gave to fix this problem was by far the best I found and best of all it fixed the problem!!
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“After months of my cd drive not working, I found your site while looking for code 39 fixes. After deleting the upper and lower filters in the registry my drive ‘magically’ reappeared. I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you. This was sooooo helpful its all I can do to refrain myself from literally jumping for joy. Again thank you!”
– Steven (Website Visitor)
“Thanx so much for this site. I want to thank u for helping me with my problem… did a google search and this site was first or close to it, now i have it bookmarked. Easy to understand and follow.”
– Karen (Website Visitor)
Thank you for your suggestions for registry repairs. I had a hardware situation and resolved it with your guidances.”

– Roman T. (Website Visitor)
“Thanks a lot for your post about fixing the print spooler. My computer threw an error when I went to print from Microsoft office and started to act really flaky. I was almost ready to reformat the hard disk, but the advice on this page fixed it! Thanks again!”
– David (Website Visitor)
“Thank You on code 39 repair! Thank you for the free and easy instructions on how to locate the error in my registry. I found an upperfilter file in it. Once I deleted that file my dvd rom icon showed up in MyComputer directory. Once again, Thank You”
– jjack (Website Visitor)