5 Resources for the Windows Registry

The Windows registry is a crucial component of a Windows computer because it comprises all important information related to hardware and software configuration, user settings, and system setup. This is the reason why software and hardware devices continuously refer to the registry to perform various operations on your computer.

If you monitor the registry using a tool, you will see that in just a few seconds the registry is referred to hundreds of times by various entities on your system. Because the registry has to work so hard to keep your PC functional, it is quite prone to attract unwanted and invalid information that unnecessarily causes it to grow to a very large size. This causes registry bloating, which may result in several computer errors and frequent system freezes and crashes.

To help you deal with, identify the cause, and resolve registry errors and problems caused by them, there are 5 online resources with rich information on the topic listed below.

Resource 1: Microsoft.com Search

Being a Microsoft resource, this link is a good place to look for information related to registry basics and resolution methods of certain specific registry errors that are generated due to registry problems.

This page comprises links to various Microsoft Knowledge Base articles that impart valuable information on understating the registry and resolving registry-related errors.

Resource 2: Windows XP MVPS

This Windows XP Web site comprises valuable information to help you learn how to diagnose and troubleshoot common problems that you may encounter while working with Windows XP.

This Web site is a rich source comprising several troubleshooting guides, freeware utilities, and articles that help diagnose and repair Windows XP-related problems, such as registry errors, Internet Explorer errors and so on.

Resource 3: About.com Search

This About.com Web page comprises links to excellent registry-related articles. These articles help you:

  • Learn about the basic structure of the Windows System Registry
  • Have a look at what type of information is stored within the Windows Registry
  • Learn how to edit the registry and customize your Windows computer according to your requirements.
  • Provide information on tools that you can use to perform registry maintenance and methods that you can use to take care of the registry.

Resource 4: Articles2K.com Windows Registry

This Articleles2k.com Web page comprises links to some of the top Windows registry-related articles and resources that help you understand:

  • The need for a registry cleaner.
  • How to identify a good registry cleaner tool.
  • What you can do using a registry cleaner.
  • How to use a registry cleaner tool to maintain a healthy registry.

Resource 5: ComputerWorld.com Windows Registry Resources

This ComputerWorld.com Web page is another good resource to look for information related to the Windows registry. You can stop over at this Web page to search for information that will provide you with tips on how to work with the Windows registry, links to Microsoft Knowledge Base articles on the Windows Registry, and download tools, such as Registry Explorer that you can use to perform registry maintenance.

In addition to looking up the above listed resources, you must perform regular registry maintenance. You can do this easily with the help of a Windows Registry Cleaner tool such as RegServe that is compatible with your Windows XP or Windows Vista computer. A good registry cleaner tool will help you automatically scan and remove unwanted registry errors, defragment the registry to optimize its files and compress their size, and easily make registry backups that you can restore easily in case there is a problem in the current registry.